Ubuntu Pro


This feature enables Ubuntu Pro support for MicroStack. Ubuntu Pro provides additional benefits such as Livepatch and extended security support periods for Ubuntu LTS.

Ubuntu Pro is free for limited personal usage or subscriptions can be purchased for commercial support.

Enabling Ubuntu Pro

To enable Ubuntu Pro support, run the following command with an attachement token associated with your subscription:

sunbeam enable pro --token <pro token>

Disabling Ubuntu Pro

To disable Ubuntu Pro support, run the following command:

sunbeam disable pro


To check the Ubuntu Pro status on any node in the MicroStack deployment login to the node and use the pro command to validate the subscription attachment and enabled services:

pro status

Example output is:

esm-apps         yes       enabled   Expanded Security Maintenance for Applications
esm-infra        yes       enabled   Expanded Security Maintenance for Infrastructure
livepatch        yes       disabled  Canonical Livepatch service
realtime-kernel* yes       disabled  Ubuntu kernel with PREEMPT_RT patches integrated
usg              yes       disabled  Security compliance and audit tools

 * Service has variants

For a list of all Ubuntu Pro services and variants, run 'pro status --all'
Enable services with: pro enable <service>

     Account: microstack@ubuntu.com
Subscription: Ubuntu Pro - free personal subscription

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