Manage a proxied environment

This page shows how to configure proxy settings for MicroStack. This is required for an environment that has network egress traffic restrictions placed upon it. These restrictions are typically implemented via a corporate proxy server that is separate from the MicroStack deployment.

The proxy server itself must permit access to certain external (internet) resources in order for MicroStack to deploy (and operate) correctly. These resources are listed on the Proxy ACL access reference page.

Note: A proxied environment is currently only supported in channel 2023.2/edge of the openstack snap.

Configure for the proxy at the OS level

The steps given in the following two sub-sections will allow a network host to “talk” to your local proxy server.

Important: Perform the instructions on all of your MicroStack nodes. Do this before installing your cluster (as described on either the Multi-node or Single-node guided pages).

Provide the initial settings

Set proxy values in the /etc/environment file via well-known environment variables. Ensure to set the management CIDR and metallb/loadbalancer CIDR in the NO_PROXY variable.

Below are example commands for providing these initial proxy settings:

echo "HTTP_PROXY=http://squid.proxy:3128" | sudo tee -a /etc/environment
echo "HTTPS_PROXY=http://squid.proxy:3128" | sudo tee -a /etc/environment
echo "NO_PROXY=localhost,,localhost,," | sudo tee -a /etc/environment

Restart snapd

Restart snapd so that it becomes aware of the new settings in /etc/environment:

sudo snap restart snapd

This will allow snaps to be installed on the configured nodes.

Show proxy settings

Run the following command to view the proxy settings:

sunbeam proxy show

Here is sample output from the above command:

Proxy variable Value
NO_PROXY localhost,,localhost,,

Update proxy settings

User can update the proxy settings at later point of time after bootstrap is completed.
To update the proxy settings, run the command

sunbeam proxy set --http-proxy <> --https-proxy <> --no-proxy <> 

Clear proxy settings

To clear the proxy settings, run the following command

sunbeam proxy clear

The above command will clear the proxy settings in /etc/environment and model-configs for sunbeam created models.

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