This feature deploys Tempest, a tool for running integration tests, which includes tests for OpenStack API validation, scenarios, and other specific tests useful in validating an OpenStack deployment.

Note: This feature is currently only supported in channel 2023.2/edge of the openstack snap.

Enable Validation

To enable Validation, run the following command:

sunbeam enable validation

Disable Validation

To disable Validation, run the following command:

sunbeam disable validation


Validation tests can be run on-demand and they can be scheduled to run in the background.

On-demand validation

To run a one-time validation test against the deployment, run the following command:

sunbeam validation run [profile]

If no profile is specified, the validation test defaults to running the appropriate refstack profile for the OpenStack version deployed. You can check the list of available profiles provided by running:

sunbeam validation profiles

Sample output:

                                    Available profiles                                                                                                    
  Name       Description                                                                  
  refstack   Tests that are part of the RefStack project  
  quick      A short list of tests for quick validation                                   
  smoke      Tests tagged as "smoke"                                                      
  all        All tests (very large number, not usually recommended)                       

A summary of the validation result will be printed out to the screen upon completion of the command:

Ran: 115 tests in 1036.6368 sec.
 - Passed: 70
 - Skipped: 19
 - Expected Fail: 0
 - Unexpected Success: 0
 - Failed: 26
Sum of execute time for each test: 718.3638 sec.

In order to obtain detailed test results, use the --output option and specify a local path to save the result file to:

sunbeam validation run --output ./validation.log

The result of the most recent run can be retrieved with:

sunbeam validation get-last-result --output ./validation.log

Periodic validation

If the Observability feature is also enabled, periodic validation tests will be performed using the quick profile.

By default, periodic checks are scheduled to execute on an hourly basis. You can configure this frequency to a 5-field cron schedule, which specifies the interval between checks. For example, if you would like periodic checks to be run every 6 hours on the first minute, run the following command:

sunbeam configure validation schedule="1 */6 * * *"

Periodic checks can also be disabled by setting the schedule parameter to an empty string:

sunbeam configure validation schedule=""

Note: Due to performance considerations, intervals under 15 minutes are not supported.

Results will be displayed in a validation-specific Grafana dashboard and alerts will be fired when periodic checks fail. For more information on how to access Grafana dashboards and receive alerts, please refer to the Observability feature documentation.

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