Multi-node OpenStack for workstations and edge / IoT

Install and run OpenStack on Linux in minutes. Made for developers and great for edge, IoT, and appliances.

Certified Kubernetes
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macOS *

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* Yosemite 10.10.3 or later and a 2010 or newer Mac

OpenStack in a snap

Zero-ops OpenStack on just about any Linux box.

  • Keystone
  • Glance
  • Nova
  • Neutron with OVS
  • Dashboard
  • Metrics
  • GPGPU bindings
  • Clustering BETA

A full OpenStack in a single snap package! MicroStack is an upstream multi-node OpenStack deployment which can run directly on your workstation. Although made for developers, it is also suitable for edge, IoT and appliances. Do not wait anymore - grab MicroStack from the Snap Store and get your OpenStack running right away!

Get started with MicroStack tutorial

Reliable, small, ready to go

  • Fast install

    Get a full OpenStack system running in minutes.

  • Secure

    Runs safely on your laptop with state of the art isolation.

  • Upstream

    Pure upstream OpenStack delivered to your laptop.

  • Complete

    Includes all key OpenStack components: Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Glance, and Cinder.

  • Featureful

    All the cool things you probably want to try on a small, standard OpenStack are all built-in.

  • Small

    Use MicroStack in your CI/CD pipelines and get on with your day without headaches.

Quick start

We recommend you use Ubuntu. On Mac or Windows, you can use Multipass to give yourself Ubuntu VMs on demand. To install the MicroStack snap:

Install MicroStack

Information: MicroStack requires at least 8 GB of RAM and a multi-core processor.

On Linux

Command snap not found? Install snapd first.

On Windows and macOS

Install Multipass then start a multipass vm:

Install the MicroStack snap on that multipass vm:

Configure networks and OpenStack databases

That’s it! Your OpenStack is ready.

Useful tips

Launch a VM

Your VM is up and running now. You should see a message like:

Access your server with ssh -i /home/ubuntu/.ssh/id_microstack cirros@

Try a different version, or a beta, or a daily build

Snaps are published in channels which are made up of a track (or major version), and an expected level of stability. Try snap info microstack to see what versions are currently published. You can run


to get the required version.

For more information refer to the MicroStack documentation or Get started with MicroStack tutorial.