OpenStack on Kubernetes

Distilled upstream excellence with a native K8s experience.

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Why MicroStack?

Install OpenStack anywhere in a few simple steps and let Kubernetes operators manage it for you. MicroStack (based on Sunbeam) is not yet another OpenStack on Kubernetes. It is a canonical OpenStack with native Kubernetes experience.

Lucid interface

MicroStack is the most straightforward OpenStack ever. It installs in minutes through a friendly interface, making OpenStack fully accessible to those with no previous experience. Just give it a try and see whether OpenStack is suitable for you.

K8s-native architecture

MicroStack comes with a K8s-native architecture. This includes OCI images for OpenStack control plane services wrapped with Kubernetes operators for streamlined lifecycle management.

Minimal footprint

MicroStack is optimised for a minimal footprint. Its resource requirements are lower than for vanilla OpenStack. All of that makes MicroStack suitable for devices with limited hardware resources, such as the edge infrastructure.

Sensible defaults

MicroStack includes stable OpenStack services only, and the major compute, network and storage options. This eliminates friction, abstracts OpenStack's complexity and provides an “on rails” experience.

OpenStack for small-scale cloud environments

Private cloud infrastructure at a micro scale

OpenStack private cloud implementation used to be challenging due to its complexity and scale. This is no longer the case.

MicroStack enables enterprises to quickly deploy fully functional cloud infrastructure that serves as a cost-effective alternative to VMware vSphere, Citrix Hypervisor, Hyper-V and Proxmox Virtual Environment.

For large-scale deployments, try Charmed OpenStack ›

OpenStack for cloud providers

Open source equivalent to AWS Outposts and Azure Stack

Cloud providers who operate an OpenStack public cloud usually need an extension of their infrastructure running on customer premises for privacy and data sovereignty reasons.

MicroStack answers these needs, delivering an out-of-the-box cloud solution with native OpenStack APIs that can be easily installed or shipped pre-installed to end users.

Watch a webinar about public cloud implementation ›

OpenStack for the edge

Comprehensive cloud platform for distributed low-latency applications

MicroStack answers the needs of multi-access edge computing (MEC), providing a secure, reliable and scalable cloud platform with a minimal footprint and simplified lifecycle management capabilities.

Ideal to meet requirements in telecom, industrial, automotive and other market sectors that need edge infrastructure.

Read a whitepaper about OpenStack on the edge ›

OpenStack for developers

Ideal for your CI/CD environment

Designed for devices with minimal hardware resources, MicroStack is perfectly suitable for CI/CD environments.

If you are using OpenStack in production, MicroStack effectively connects the dots between your cloud operations team and your developers.

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Try MicroStack

Refer to MicroStack documentation for exact requirements regarding hardware and operating system.

  1. Install the snap

    sudo snap install openstack --channel 2024.1/edge
  2. Prepare a machine

    sunbeam prepare-node-script | bash -x && newgrp snap_daemon
  3. Bootstrap OpenStack

    sunbeam cluster bootstrap --accept-defaults
  4. Configure OpenStack

    sunbeam configure --accept-defaults --openrc demo-openrc
  5. Launch a cloud instance

    sunbeam launch ubuntu --name test

Report a bug or reach out to the MicroStack community if you face any issues.

Take the next step

Is your MicroStack already up and running? If so, we hope you liked it and are now ready to take the next step.

Check our tutorials ›

Learn OpenStack through a series of tutorials. Starting with just a single machine, learn how to use OpenStack for cloud infrastructure implementation purposes, from a single-node installation to large-scale clusters.

Try Charmed OpenStack ›

Charmed OpenStack is an OpenStack distribution that gives you total control of all OpenStack components and their permutations. Build your cloud from the ground up, tailor it to your needs and benefit interoperability across various platforms.

Fill in the survey ›

The OpenStack User Survey provides users an opportunity to influence the community and software direction. By sharing information about your configuration and requirements, the Open Infrastructure Foundation User Committee will be able to advocate on your behalf.

Get commercial support ›

Canonical provides full commercial support for OpenStack clouds deployed with MicroStack. Simply get any Ubuntu Pro subscription with Support, attach it too all nodes in your cluster and benefit from phone and ticket support.

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