Underlying projects and charms

MicroStack can be organised in terms of a number of underlying projects as well as in terms of the individual charmed operators it leverages.


There are core, dependency, and extended dependency projects.


Project Source Code Bug Report
charm-microceph Source Bugs
charm-rabbitmq-k8s Source Bugs
snap-openstack Source Bugs
snap-openstack-hypervisor Source Bugs
sunbeam-charms Source Bugs
sunbeam-terraform Source Bugs
ubuntu-openstack-rocks Source Bugs


Project Source Code Bug Report
charm-microk8s Source Bugs
juju Source Bugs
microceph Source Bugs
microk8s Source Bugs
mysql-k8s-operator Source Bugs
mysql-router-k8s-operator Source Bugs
self-signed-certificates-operator Source Bugs
tls-certificates-operator Source Bugs
traefik-k8s-operator Source Bugs

Extended dependencies

Project Source Code Bug Report
alertmanager-k8s-operator Source Bugs
bind9-rock Source Bugs
catalogue-k8s-operator Source Bugs
grafana-k8s-operator Source Bugs
loki-k8s-operator Source Bugs
prometheus-k8s-operator Source Bugs
vault-k8s-operator Source Bugs


Both Kubernetes charms and machine charms are available.

Configuration options are useful when a deployment manifest is in use. See the Deployment manifest page.

Kubernetes charms

Machine charms

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